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"Developing Dispatchers & Dispatch Centers"

*** UPDATE 6/9/2011 Click here to download a PDF of our EMD Primer as seen at the EMD Symposium on June 8th.***

Massachusetts will require by law and 911 Department regulation that PSAPs provide Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) services to 911 callers no later than July 1, 2012. MCSA intends to provide helpful information to PSAPs planning and implementing EMD through workshops and information on this web site.

Many dispatchers think of EMD as a set of cards they pull down off a console top when they need to give a caller instructions on how to do the Heimlich on their relative, or how to give CPR to a child that is not breathing. But EMD is much more than just a card set and it varies widely in operational usage depending on how a dispatch center implements their EMD program.

The three national vendors that offer EMD programs, card sets and even, in some cases, EMD computer software are:

  • APCO (APCO Institute's EMD Program)

EMD Resources from Dispatch Monthly
(explains EMD, lists history, etc.)

EMD has been mandated in many states including Massachusetts.